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DSub for Subsonic

Musica e audio
3 usd

DSub is a music streaming app for Subsonic servers. Use DSub to connect to your remote Subsonic server and listen to your music wherever you go!Top Features- ChromeCast for audio (both online and offline)- DLNA casting for audio (both online and offline)- Browse by tags or by folder structure- Lockscreen controls (ICS+)- Local Gapless Playback (JB+)- Wear Support (Lolipop+)- Auto Support (Lolipop+)- Replay Gain- Manage/Listen to Podcasts (And auto sync new podcasts)- Playlist Management- Better offline support (cached playlists, search, etc...)- Better Bluetooth controls (works with more devices, sends metadata on devices which support it)- Better Shuffle (size of playlist option + by year, genre, etc...)- Quick add/remove songs to playlist- Pause playback when other apps request audio focus (navigation, etc)- Stuttering playback fixes for the users who were effected by it- Drag and Drop songs to rearrange your playlist on the Now Playing tab- Chat tab- Internet Radio Stations- Bookmarks tab- Automatic bookmark management- Share tab- Admin tab to manage users from- Tasker support- Rate albums/songs- More options!- Random minor improvements
The code for this project is released under the GPL and is available on Github:
Note: The permission to read system logs is only for the option to send logs via email (which you have to explicitly click and then send) and isn't used anywhere else.